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Creativity takes courage

Zero3 Custom Creations has been a massive part of our lives since 2003, the year we got married.

I’ve worked in the automotive trade for more than 30 years, and Lizanne is a committed petrol head.

We met at the ripe old age of 18, with a mutual love of cars, motorbikes and all things mechanical. I would work away on my mum’s driveway, tinkering with Minis, and Lizanne would watch in awe!

My career included several years restoring Aston Martins, MGs and TRs, working on accident repair, painting horseboxes, classic car restoration, building specialist hot rods, and working on vintage Bentleys.

During this time, I airbrushed artwork for friends and family. I completed a project for Pepsi, for a commercial featuring Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and David Beckham.

I also airbrushed a helmet for the RAF Benevolent fund which was worn by James Hillier at the Isle of Mann TT.

Our workshop at Rudgwick Brickworks opened on 2nd January 2019.

Our passion at Zero3 Custom Creations is the restoration and custom paint for pre-1960 classics.

At our well-equipped workshop in West Sussex, we take on custom paint, metal fabrication and racing projects.

There’s a natural flow between the paint and fabrication work, as invariably some of the classic cars that are brought to us need some metal fabrication. This can be as simple as rust repairs, holes to be filled or sills to be repaired.

Those who know us will tell you that we’re hardworking and perfectionists; nothing leaves the workshop until we’re entirely happy with the high standard of the finished project.

What sets us apart from the competition is our hands-on experience, racing and showing cars.

We race Lizanne’s street car and my track car five times a year at Santa Pod, as part of the Modified 100e Challenge; a group we run with a mutual friend. Sponsoring this challenge is an important part of our community ethos at Zero3.

Along with another friend, we run “The Oddballs” which meets each month at a pub in Kingsfold. This custom car club introduces us to some incredible Hotrods, Yanks, Customs and ‘odd’ cars in the Horsham and Guildford areas (and their creative owners), offering endless inspiration for future projects.